Twitter’s New Blue Checkmark Label Removes Distinction Between Paying Subscribers And ‘Legacy Verified’ Users

Published 1 year ago
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Twitter introduced a new label for accounts with blue checkmarks Sunday that removes any distinction between those paid for by monthly subscribers and accounts verified by Twitter before CEO Elon Musk’s changes—as Twitter was expected to start removing ‘legacy’ checkmarks over the weekend.


All accounts with a blue checkmark now display a notice that reads: “This account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account.”

Twitter previously had separate labels for accounts with a checkmark that distinguished “legacy verified accounts” from accounts subscribed to Twitter Blue.


Twitter has not released a statement on the change, but Musk reacted to a tweet about it with a relieved face emoji.

The change has elicited mixed reactions from users, with some users pointing out that this could make potential impersonator accounts appear more convincing.

The change comes a day after Twitter was expected to remove the checkmarks of legacy verified accounts that do not subscribe to Twitter Blue.


Although Twitter’s latest change makes it a lot harder to distinguish between users whose identity was actually verified by Twitter and those who received the badge by paying $8 a month, many users have already posted about workarounds. Twitter’s search function still allows users to filter legacy verified and paid verified accounts, while there are some browser extensions that still allow users to distinguish between the two types of accounts.



The latest change comes a day after the company was expected to start stripping legacy verified accounts of their blue checkmarks. It’s not clear why Twitter has not yet done this, but the Washington Post reported that the platform lacks an automated solution to strip all legacy verified accounts of their badges, as the original verification process used to be manual and relied on an Excel-like spreadsheet. Musk also tweeted and later deleted Sunday that the platform was offering a “grace” period to allow people to sign up for Twitter Blue. In the tweet, Musk warned that users who say they won’t pay for Twitter Blue will have their check marks removed immediately. The billionaire then followed through with his threat by revoking the verification badge from the New York Times’ primary handle after a user pointed out that the newspaper previously stated it would not pay.


Musk Appears To Revoke N.Y. Times’ Blue Checkmark For Refusing To Buy Paid Twitter Subscription (Forbes)


By Siladitya Ray, Forbes Staff