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Published 1 day ago By Forbes Africa
Members of SAPS and SANDF enforce lockdown regulations in Sea Point and Parklands

‘Spiraling Out Of Control’: Recent Stats Reveal South Africa’s Crime Conundrum

Published 1 day ago By Yeshiel Panchia
FIFA World Cup 2022 – Referees Media Day – Friday 18th November

The Rwandan Football Referee Shooting For The Stars

Published 2 days ago By Lillian Roberts
Pick n Pay Stores Ltd. Launch New ‘QualiSave’ Brand Cut-Price Supermarket

Unpacking South Africa’s Soaring Food Inflation And ‘A Difficult Winter Ahead’

Published 2 days ago By Yeshiel Panchia
Trump Approves TikTok Takeover By Oracle And Walmart

TikTok Creators’ Financial Info, Social Security Numbers Have Been Stored In China

Published 3 days ago By Forbes
Al Ahly v A.S. Douanes – African Basketball League

Egypt’s Al Ahly Dominates 2023 BAL Finals: Transformative Power Of Basketball Driving Growth And Uniting Fans In Rwanda

Published 3 days ago By Forbes Africa
President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni in Algeria

Uganda Passes Drastic Anti-LGBTQ Law—Including Death Penalty

Published 4 days ago By Forbes
The Ocean Race 2022/2023: Cape Town Leg 3 Start

The Ocean Race Stopover In Cape Town And Lessons From The Sea

Published 5 days ago By Forbes Africa
row of people to the bank teller cashier defocused background

Some Like It Hot: Can A Financial ‘Cancer’ From The 1980s Help Prevent Bank Runs?

Published 5 days ago By Forbes
Mogadishu Street Life Goes On, Despite Risk Of Al Shabaab Attack

More To Mogadishu: The Resilience And Pride In Being Somali

Published 8 days ago By Forbes Africa
Students Working On Computer Assignment During Seminar Group

Racism And AI: Here’s How It’s Been Criticized For Amplifying Bias

Published 8 days ago By Forbes
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Electronic circuit. Communication network.

Talking A-‘bot Africa: The Potential For Conversational AI

Published 9 days ago By Forbes Africa
National Security Commission Holds Conference On Artificial Intelligence

Former Google CEO Warns AI Could Cause People To Be ‘Harmed Or Killed’

Published 9 days ago By Forbes
Dejatch Alamayou, King Theodore’s Son.

‘We Want His Remains Back’ Says Descendants Of Ethiopian Prince To Royal Family, But Palace Refuses

Published 9 days ago By Chanel Retief
In this photo illustration the Netflix logo seen displayed

Netflix Starts Long-Awaited Password-Sharing Crackdown—Here’s How

Published 10 days ago By Forbes
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