Tanzania’s Strategic Debut At Mining Indaba: Forging A New Path In African Mining

Published 5 months ago
Key Speakers at The Investing in African Mining Indaba
Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa's president, speaks on the opening day of the Investing in African Mining Indaba in Cape Town, South Africa, on Monday, Feb. 5, 2024. Mining executives, investors and government ministers are meeting in Cape Town for the African Mining Indaba, the continent's biggest gathering of one of its most vital industries. Photographer: Dwayne Senior/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In a landmark move, Tanzania marked its first participation at the Mining Indaba, being held from February 5-8 in Cape Town, South Africa. This year’s event, the 30th edition of the conference, with the theme Embracing the power of positive disruption: A bold new future for African mining, focuses on the need for adaptation in the African mining sector in light of technological advancements and environmental concerns​​.

The Tanzanian delegation, comprising both government and private sector representatives, arrived with a clear message, encapsulated in their chosen theme: Advancing mining investment to accelerate prosperity. This move aligns with the Tanzanian government’s Vision 2030, aiming to intensify geoscientific surveys to tap into the nation’s rich mineral resources​.

​​​Anthony Mavunde, Tanzania’s Minister of Minerals, emphasized the vision at the indaba, presenting the government’s strategy to not only boost investment and economic growth but also focus on sustainable and responsible mining practices. “Our vision isn’t simply to dig up minerals, it’s to ignite the engines of prosperity,” Mavunde declared, underscoring a shift from traditional mining practices to a more sustainable and economically beneficial approach.


Tanzania’s participation in the conference is seen as a crucial step towards redefining the African narrative of mining, which has often been plagued by issues of environmental degradation and exploitation.

Key issues discussed at the conference included the role of Africa in supplying critical minerals for global electronic and automotive industries and innovative approaches to spur mining sector investment and employment. These discussions are particularly relevant for Tanzania, given its abundant reserves of critical minerals like nickel, rare earths, and graphite​​.

However, the path to mining prosperity is not without its challenges. The conference provided a platform for Tanzania to address hurdles impeding investment, such as taxation concerns and the need for equitable sharing of project returns. The government’s commitment to facilitating a conducive investment environment was evident, as noted by Kheri Mahimbali, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Minerals, who confirmed Tanzania’s dedication to responsible mining practices​​.

Tanzania’s debut symbolizes more than just participation; it represents the country’s commitment to playing a key role in the future of African mining.