Fresh Take: Food And Water Access Under Attack

Published 1 month ago
By Forbes | Chloe Sorvino
Closeup shot of a man holding his hands under a stream of water outdoors
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World Central Kitchen has delivered 43 million meals to Palestinians facing starvation. Now the organization is calling for an investigation into the attack in which seven workers were killed.

What were the clearly marked World Central Kitchen vans full of as they delivered food in the southern Gazan city of Deir al-Balah this week, before the horrific killing of seven World Central Kitchen aid workers? Rice, flour, legumes. Also among the supplies: Dates. To celebrate Ramadan. To bring a brief moment of tradition to a region facing catastrophic loss.

World Central Kitchen has delivered 43 million meals to Palestinians facing starvation, as access to food and water have been under attack. People like chef José Andrés’ volunteers have been risking it all to bring humanity to an inhumane crisis. The deadly attack this week is far from the first time food has been weaponized in Palestine, and while World Central Kitchen is calling for an independent commission to investigate the killings, millions are waiting to see if this shocking loss will create change.


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