Making Africa Look Good

Published 6 years ago

Bisola Adeko is always on the hunt for that perfect made up look. The 35-year-old investment banker from Edo State, Nigeria, is particular about having the right look for the right event and is more than willing to pay top dollar for this service.

“I attend a lot of formal events because of the work I do and I believe you have to always look picture-ready. Personal presentation is very important due to the nature of the clients we work with who are, mainly high net worth individuals and private investors,” says Adeko.

According to Adeko, makeup is all about the perfect foundation and the right application process that requires a certain talent and skill, a skill she attributes to Joyce Jacob, a sought-after celebrity makeup artist in Nigeria’s competitive beauty industry.


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Jacob is a millennial America returnee, having grown up in Philadelphia and New Jersey, and now promoting an African brand.

“The vision behind my brand is to empower women of all ages, of all backgrounds and race to feel beautiful at all times through the power of beauty and makeup. Part of that vision is to have a premium line that all women can use and create a truly authentic African beauty brand,” says Jacob.

Jacob has worked with some of the biggest female powerhouses, such as Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Folorunsho Alakija, Africa’s richest woman.


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With her eponymous business, the 28-year-old has a signature style that has made her a household name in just five years.

“I felt like there was a large gap in the beauty industry in Nigeria and I felt I had so much to offer and bring back to my country. That is why I relocated and started Joyce Jacob Beauty. I felt like I had a lot of expertise to share and since I have been back, I have noticed a tremendous growth in the makeup industry which I am happy to see,” she says.

For Jacob, it is much more than a pretty face. It’s about giving something back to her clients.


“When women think of my brand I want them to think of confidence and self-esteem, knowing their worth and knowing their value. It is amazing watching the transformation from a quiet insecure woman into a bold and confident diva after working with a client and that is so fulfilling. I want to impact women’s lives in this way and help drive the narrative of women as confident and powerful people,” she says.

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