Heels On Wheels

Published 10 years ago
Heels On  Wheels

The new BMW X5 M50d awaits at the carpark of Richards Bay Airport in South Africa. I am to drive it to Mozambique, and it’s an estimated three-and-half-hour’s road-trip to the nearest border. I have always flown to Mozambique. Let the fun and games of driving begin.

This beauty on wheels has a lively, modern diesel engine with road prowess. My suitcases are loaded into the spacious boot. After hours of driving, I arrive at the Kosi Bay Border post. I point north, and the vehicle is about to embark on a journey out of its norm, away from the city streets.


The off-road journey, though not on the toughest terrain, is quite sandy. The distance of 21 kilometers seems short on paper, but given the roads, it will take a while. I navigate deep into Mozambique, passing small villages along the way.

Only a few hours ago, the BMW X5 M50d had passed the test of being driven on the tar and gravel roads of northern KwaZulu-Natal with flying colors.

It had displayed magnificent road attitude and handled the open road like a big sedan. The vehicle sticks to the road like a dog to a bone.

It is a driver-oriented vehicle that instils confidence in the driver with its well-mannered suspension.


Driven by the 3.0-liter tri-turbocharged engine that pumps out 280kW of power, this X5 loves the road. Just push your foot against the the accelerator and see.