Relentless In New York

Published 7 years ago

What are the highs of being a celebrity?

The love people give you. Being able to showcase your work on a platform that people see all over the country and continent, and sometimes even the world. Obviously that also has its downside but all in all it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to put smiles and sometimes tears on people’s faces. Being a walking billboard means you get a lot of glory for a collective and collaborative work.


Your current state of mind…?

I’m always under the impression that success, happiness and love are a state of mind – a choice. You have to make that choice every day, at every turn. It’s not always an easy choice, but it’s the right one, no matter what is going on, don’t change your mind about who you are and what you want. Your mind is very powerful.


How are you finding life in New York?

It’s been incredible. I love the energy and vibe and spirit here. Everyone has a purpose and they chase it relentlessly. That’s how I see it anyway. People are passionate about their work and lives and it’s contagious! It isn’t an easy adjustment but beautiful and worthy acquisitions are never easy, it’s part of the journey. New York is like Joburg, just bigger.

Being unknown here is also giving me the opportunity to really meet the city in its awesome power and strength. It’s like meeting and understanding a machine that is intimidating and could instantly incinerate you. It’s incredible. So I’m learning well but fast. I love this place.


What is more important when reading a script – the story or the money?

I’m an artiste and actor. The story is important to me, but the story alone won’t pay the exorbitant rent and food prices here in New York. So luckily there are agents and managers to sort that out for me here so I can focus on the scripts, the character and the story.



When you visit family in South Africa, what do you look forward to?

To just be home. And bring back what I’ve learned to grow our industry there. I’m also interested to see how it grows and how different it will be.

I don’t want to lose touch with my people and my continent. I want to continue playing a part in the system there. I am not too good to still work in Africa. Africa made me and Africa will always have my love and my heart and mostly my talent. She nurtured it, she will always deserve it.

If you had 10 minutes to change the world, what would you do?


I need to consult a LOT of people to answer this. I want to say remove the power of money and materialism from the face of the earth. Point is, whatever I do, it would be to get people to a point where they love those around them more than they love themselves. We’re all connected; the day we all care about the next person more than ourselves is the day no one has to worry or be afraid. Love truly does conquer all things.


Success is…?

Happiness. Complete fulfillment in every valuable aspect of your life. Accepting and learning from the victories and mistakes you have made. Looking and smiling at your journey with minimal regrets.