7 Questions With Masego ‘Maps’ Maponyane

Published 7 years ago

If you could be a super hero, who would it be and why?

I would be Batman because I feel he’s the most attainable type of superhero and there should be a Batman in all of us. He does not possess any super powers, but instead he makes the most of the resources he had access to, coupled with a considerable amount of skill to make a difference in his society; someone who will happily risk his life for other humans.

The best city in the world to do business is…?

Unfortunately, my view on that is still pretty limited, however when it comes to the industry I’m involved in, it’s both Los Angeles and New York.

Your personal style?

I try not to box my personal style because I’ve always felt that constricts it into something not diverse enough. I have a number of influences and try and draw from those, from the dapper gentleman to the streetwear enthusiast. But if anything, I think my OCD side ensures a common thread of neatness and structure with attention to detail for whatever I wear.


What are the key aspects to launching your own label and promoting yourself as a brand?

When it comes to both I think there are many overlapping principles; you need to know what it is you are offering that sets you apart, who you’re offering it to, what value that offering adds, what your standards are and then simply never swaying because consistency is paramount to any successful product, brand or company.

So will you be the next Top Billing presenter?

(Laughs) I’ve been getting asked this question often lately; it seems the rumor mill is as resilient as ever. I will not be the next Top Billing presenter, at least to my knowledge, but perhaps one day that time may come.

If you could square off with any TV presenter who would it be and why?

If I could square off with any TV presenter, it would be Ryan Seacrest, because he has become somewhat of an expert in what he does and even if I may not be a real fan of his, I have a great deal of respect for all that he has achieved through presenting and the ventures that soon followed. So I think squaring off with him would be an opportunity to both put myself to the test as well as just to sit back, observe and learn.

What should the African businesswoman wear to impress?

To be honest, the African businesswoman can wear whatever she wants, from a chic tailored power suit to a traditional African dress. It’s the broad sense of diversity that makes us unique and African, right? So if an African businesswoman can pull any of that off with confidence and a smile (the draw card), and as long as it fits and complements her, I am sold and very impressed.