Internet And Tech: Dot The I’s And  Cross The T’s

Published 9 years ago

Digital media is poised for growth in 2015 as the industry consolidates its advertising market share.

According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report, South African Entertainment And Media Outlook: 2015-2018, digital revenue from advertising will hit 33% by 2018 from 14% in 2009. The report also posits that by 2018, internet advertising will overtake television as the largest segment.

Digital analyst Gerhard Muller says the online space is a medium no marketer can ignore, as even the lowest income markets and most remote places in Africa are connected.


“African digital marketers used to replicate strategies and techniques from Europe and the United States, however, it is now incredibly exciting to see African digital solutions and strategies emerge with some of the most original and exciting executions, often internationally acclaimed and recognized,” says Muller.

Going forward, all digital marketers will need to embrace a mobile-first approach to any solution. An online presence is non-negotiable.

“With millions of devices, touch-screens and computer keyboards in our country it has become harder and harder to find the people you want to talk to. Brands should therefore put effort into strategically utilizing the latest tech tools and methods to target accurately. Not only for the sake of being heard but more importantly, being relevant. To me, honest and relevant is what cuts through clutter,” he says.

Take South African banks for example. First National Bank (FNB) is regarded a pioneer not only in online marketing but for their digital offerings too.


“Internet and app banking have become a quintessential part of this brand and not just an additional service they serve on the side,” says Muller.

Another example he offers is of Heineken, and the remarkable work done in the social media space that’s relevant and well thought out. The main drivers of this kind of success are talented people, bold choices and the guts to pioneer something incredible no other brand has done before. The opportunities and technology are there for us to use, so often, it’s a matter of looking, giving some thought and connecting the dots.

Companies are working towards a more collaborative approach to all media, and print, radio, TV and online need to work together to meet marketing objectives.

“This synergy is important and it’s great to see how TV needs online support or how online needs radio. We consider all these mediums as our essential tools in the box of tricks that we use together to create advertising magic,” offers Muller.


Clearly, gone are the days when digital was an add-on towards the end of a great advertising concept. says it’s time to wake-up and make 2015 the year of radical – and concerted – solutions.