Bonang Unplugged

Published 9 years ago

Johannesburg media personality Bonang Matheba is determined to showcase Africa as “the next big phenomenon”.

“My success is not about myself but about making our continent a hub of global cultural integration, in business and popular culture,” says Matheba.

It helps that Matheba is well-known. She has over a million followers on social media.


“We live in an era of social media, and that is where I have been able to influence the market effectively, as Twitter and Instagram have become a global mouth piece and radio is definitely my second-most influential media platform – it has allowed me to reach a broader audience.”

Where did it all begin for her? She first appeared on South African television at the age of 15, but it was popular music show Live that gave her stardom.

“There are many memories I treasure deeply on Live, this show was one of the platforms that propelled my career to where it is today.”


She is now presenter on South Africa’s premiere lifestyle and magazine show Top Billing. In July 2013, she won the YOU Spectacular Award as the Best TV Presenter in South Africa. Her success in television has gotten her big brand endorsements, such as with cosmetic group Revlon, and this has allowed her to break boundaries in many ways.

Since the 1980’s, Revlon has sought to associate itself with the ‘Unforgettable Woman’.

Halle Berry and Emma Stone are currently brand ambassadors for the make-up brand, making Matheba the company’s only ambassador outside of the United States.

Fashion being a big part of her personality, she has often been hailed a style icon, having graced the covers of various glamor magazines, and receiving her fair share of awards.


Her fashion philosophy?

“Glamor is a state of mind, it not just about looking great and having a good income. It boils down to how you feel about yourself, what you do with your time and the company you keep.”

Currently she has a lingerie line –Distraction, available at Woolworths SA, and is producing two new shows under Bonang Matheba Entertainment this year. “Let’s activate greatness!” she says.