Her Brush With Fame

Published 9 years ago

Renowned Nigerian public relations executive Bukky Karibi Whyte has, through her business, The Bobby Taylor Company, represented top local and international brands and managed some of Nigeria’s leading public personalities. She is a regular fixture at some of the country’s acclaimed social events. FORBES WOMAN AFRICA got Karibi Whyte to take a morning off her busy schedule to meet 22-year-old Nigerian celebrity makeup artist, Theodora Mogo, whose company, Dorrane Beauty, counts corporate divas and media personalities such as Toke Makinwa, Mo Abudu and Seyi Shay among its clients. As Mogo worked her magic with the brush, beauty and banter resulted.

Bukky Karibi Whyte

PR professional


Q: Are there enough women in public relations in Nigeria?

A: The industry has undergone feminization globally. Women run most independent PR agencies I know in Nigeria. Women pay more attention to detail.

Q: Tips for being a successful PR executive?


A: It’s important to believe in the brand you represent. Understand your clients’ target audience and be persistent.

Q: The brands you have managed over the years…?

A: Estee Lauder, M.A.C Cosmetics Nigeria, Fela! On Broadway, Walt Disney Africa, D’banj etc.

Q: Why are more international brands penetrating the African market?


A: It’s due to the confidence in the African market. It’s not news that we have a strong appetite for international brands. Africans are some of the top travel consumers too. The brands have noticed we are one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and they want to be a part of that.


Theodora Mogo

Makeup artist


Q: The best part about your job is?

A: Making my clients smile. I come across a lot of people from different backgrounds. It is really motivating for me, when I can, through my makeup, to help them be who they want to be. At the end of a job, when my client picks up the mirror and grins from ear to ear, that’s my greatest high.

Q: What does makeup represent to you and the African woman?


A: What makeup does is project your inner beauty. As humans, once we feel there has been work done on us, we feel transformed, renewed, confident and flawless. Makeup is the little magic wand that reminds us that acne, or an overbearing boss, does not undermine the beauty within us.

Q: How did you get into this business?

A: I have been obsessed with makeup since I was a young girl. I have always been fascinated by how creative the art is – using a human being as a canvas, working your magic and transforming them.

Q: Are African women purchasing more African products as opposed to international brands?


A: As Africans have only started to embrace makeup, this limits the number of local makeup brands in comparison to the international brands; which in turn makes it inevitable for the bulk of the products purchased by African women to be international brands. Thankfully, there are certain brands proving us wrong. Another important factor is pricing. The average woman here does not understand why she should pay the same amount (sometimes even more) for an African brand when she can get a bigger name for the same price or less.

Q: How expensive are good makeup products in Africa?

A: Makeup products in Africa are pretty pricey. Thankfully, there are drug store products that are affordable in comparison. The average woman will need at least $300 for a full starter kit.