7 Questions With…

Forbes Woman Africa
Published 8 years ago
  1. Is enough attention being given to women’s football?

It is increasingly getting attention and a lot of great work by players and stakeholders of women’s soccer has contributed to this, but it is still nowhere near the popularity of men’s soccer. Hopefully, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 will get attention following this year’s FIFA World Cup Brazil, where there have been some interesting developments and unexpected results.

  1. If you were to write an autobiography, what would you call it?

I might call it My Life, My Time – This Is My One Shot. There’s a play on soccer words there. One of the passions born from the academic side of me has been to write, but I honestly believe we are here to live our lives with every moment and every opportunity presented to us to be great. There’s greatness in each and every one of us, and you just have to find your passion, because that’s the key that will unlock your greatness. You have one life that you’re living right now; you owe it to yourself and find that passion to unlock who you can be.

  1. What is more interesting – team talks or business meetings?

There is always a game plan and passion in both, and both can be equally interesting. However, team talks are more entertaining, especially with people who have been in your life for so long you consider them family.

  1. Ever met a guy intimidated by your soccer skills?

Maybe one [who was] intimidated by my fearless defending skills, because I couldn’t care whether you are male or female. I am there to do my job and to the best of my ability. However, maybe that should be answered by some of the guys’ teams that we’ve played against – including my husband’s team. I have seen girls give guys ‘eShibobos’ (where they push a ball through the opposition’s legs) and delivered great shots to the back of the net. There’s a lesson in life for both men and women – never underestimate your opponent.

  1. Have you ever had a female coach?

Not in soccer. Men are dominant in this area. There are a few rising stars in South Africa doing great work coaching our future generation of female footballers, such as Banyana Banyana captain and central defender Janine Van Wyk.

  1. Would you wear pink soccer boots?

I have never owned a pair, but a lot of players do wear them and I’m indifferent about the color of my boots. I am more about practicality over style – I need boots to get the job done in the comfort that I need. I tend to go with boots that match my kit though.

  1. What are you more comfortable in – your corporate attire or soccer kit?

My soccer kit. It comes with great accessories – my teammates and coach as well as the support of my husband and great friends and family.