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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Your Questions Answered | Forbes




Forbes tech reporter Janhoi McGregor gives you a breakdown of what does and doesn’t work in Samsung’s new ultra expensive, ultra specification, ultra large, ‘Ultra’ phone. But here is an inescapable fact of the new handset: it works in a way the Galaxy S20 Ultra didn’t. The difference is the camera, which has dramatically improved and now features genuine wow factor with its 10x optical zoom.

There are still questions about picture consistency, but Samsung’s most expensive Galaxy S flagship is on a better path than its predecessor and quickly outstripping Google’s Pixel 5.

00:47 Does the phone have any display issues?
02:26 Is there a screen gap?
02:56 Is there an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Deal this year?
03:11 Is it compatible with controller accessories?
03:22 How serious is bloatware and/or non-deletable apps?
03:40 What is the battery life like?
04:23 What’s One UI 3.1 like?
05:00 Should I be worried about getting an Exynos unit?
05:32 Can the S21 Ultra capture natural natural depth of field?
05:56 Is the zoom actually good?
07:13 How good is the camera in general?
08:50 Is the phone top-heavy?
09:37 With last year’s ultra coming down in price, Is that a better value buy?

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