Teracube 2e Review: Can This $139 Smartphone Challenge Google And Samsung? | Forbes

Published 2 years ago

Forbes reporter Janhoi McGregor doesn’t usually review super cheap phones, or pay much attention to them because there are so many no-name, quick-hit cheap handsets out there that disappear as quickly as they arrive.

The common thing about all of those cheap phones is that only offer one Android update and one year of security updates – if they do at all, which is part of how they stay so cheap. That low price isn’t always the full story because the phone becomes obsolete once the security updates run out.

It’s understandable why they do it, providing software support is expensive. Even big companies like Motorola only offer one or two years support for their flagship phones. Samsung just moved from two to three years when the Note 20 launched.

But this phone, the Teracube 2e, offers three years of Android and security updates. It also comes with a four year warranty, with free shipping for repairs (both ways), which cost a flat fee of $39. The upfront price? $139.

Read the full profile on Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaymcgregor/2020/12/19/is-this-139-teracube-2e-the-new-oneplus/?sh=3fe73eec14c7

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