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How To Connect With Your Customers In Time For Holiday Shopping | Forbes




How can you tell a customer story that brings you (happy) repeat buyers? How does a brand like Crocs go from being an unwanted piece of comfy footwear to becoming a fought-over limited edition shoe for style influencers?

The customer experience is a magical world where brands can measure and create a personalized place for buyers and browsers to enjoy. When you think about this for big, global brands like Home Depot, Walgreens or even the resuscitated Crocs brand, you need to begin to think about Customer Experience Management or CXM. CXM is the data system used to track all your customer contacts and interactions and is what marketing leaders in big brands use. It is the beginnings of story plus technology, a fascinating combination.

Here are three examples of how different kinds of technology can help you tell a better customer’s journey and leave you with very happy returning customers.

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