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The Best Sports Cities In America 2020 | The Countdown | Forbes



Enter the phrase “Boston fans are . . . ” in Google, and the top three autocomplete suggestions you’ll get are “the worst,” “spoiled” and “trash.” The results below them are peppered with words like “annoying,” “obnoxious” and “racist.” Not exactly the folksy charm Hyundai portrayed in its 2020 Super Bowl homage to the city, but for the Beantown faithful, charm isn’t part of the playbook. “We’re too distracted by the shiny rings we have to care,” says Mahlon Williams, founder of I Love Boston Sports, the company behind one of the region’s bestselling sports shirts, “New England Vs Everyone.” “We wear the hate as a badge of honor.”

But now there is a reason for Google to update that autocomplete suggestion, to “Boston fans are . . . the best”: The capital city of Red Sox Nation tops Forbes’ inaugural ranking of the best sports cities in North America, outpacing other sports-crazed cities like New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Our ranking of 20 cities takes into account how many fans are packing their teams’ stands, watching them on TV and following them on social media. We consider only the four major American sports: baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Women’s professional sports, men’s soccer and college sports are not factored into our formula because the data is unavailable.

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