Small-Town Resilience And Bed Bugs On An Unexpected Stop In Virginia | The Long Haul Ep. 3 | Forbes

Published 3 years ago

During a stop in Waynesboro, VA, Nick interviews Mayor Terry Short, Jr. to hear how the small town in the Blue Ridge mountains is coping with the pandemic, and the family has an unexpected encounter with bed bugs.

About The Series:
Before the coronavirus arrived in America, Forbes Creative Director of Video Nick Graham had committed to moving from New York to Los Angeles to establish a new video production hub. As the pandemic grew and changed life as we know it, he and his family made the difficult decision to move forward with the relocation as planned. They are driving cross-country in an RV, and documenting the stories they discover along the way. This is The Long Haul.

Episode 1: Brooklyn, NY:

Episode 2: Baltimore, MD:

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