Under 30: The Ugandan Healthtech Founder On The Vital Signs

Published 1 month ago
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The milestone speaks for itself: it’s the 10th anniversary of FORBES AFRICA’S 30 under 30 list, and just like the honorees who have come before them, the class of 2024 too are driven by impact. Profits aside, it’s about achieving success with innovation, influence and individuality. They aren’t looking to fill big shoes but rather lace up their own and forge ahead with giant strides, leading by example and leaving an indelible path for the changemakers to come.

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“I am very passionate about social justice and health equity. Like many entrepreneurs, my story began with a spark of frustration. I lost my grandmother due to the poor health system in rural areas,” Ddembe says.


When he traveled across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in 2018, Ddembe witnessed firsthand the stark disparities in access to healthcare. Rural communities, especially those in remote areas, often faced grueling journeys and exorbitant costs to receive basic medical attention. Reports have shown that Africa has some of the highest rates of disease in the world, especially in SSA and among children. The vast majority of mortality causes in this region are preventable.

“This injustice ignited a passion within me, a yearning to create a solution that would bridge the healthcare gap and bring vital services to those who needed them most,” Ddembe adds.

MobiKlinic was thought up as a solution to empower communities by providing access to health services using technology. The platform is designed to create digital tools for basic healthcare training, healthcare delivery and access to affordable healthcare services in Africa.

Moreover, MobiKlinic strives to improve sexual and reproductive health through the provision of specialized services and knowledge.At the start of 2019, Ddembe’s idea won the Sandoz HACk, a global health access ideas challenge, and, with seed support of €20,000 ($21,800), he started developing the company that is now MobiKlinic, serving townships across Uganda.


“My story is a testament to the power of human compassion, innovation, and unwavering determination. It is a journey that continues to unfold, driven by the profound belief that healthcare is not a privilege, but a fundamental right for every human being.”