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Naira Value Plunges on Street Amid ‘Stampede’ for Dollars

FX Pressure Persists As Nigerian Naira Hits ₦1,145 Per Dollar On Parallel Market

Published 3 months ago By Forbes Africa
New Nigerian naira banknotes in a wallet

Fitch Ratings Warns Of Further Nigerian Naira Devaluation As Exchange Rate Challenges Persist

Published 4 months ago By Forbes Africa
Nigeria  High Resolution Economy Concept

Naira Hits Historic Low At ₦1,005 To $1 In Parallel Market, Raising Concerns Amid Economic Challenges

Published 5 months ago By Forbes Africa
Nigerian Naira Currency And General Economy As Country Set To Exit Recession

Nigeria’s Sliding Currency Leaves Foreign-Backed Startups In Limbo

Published 6 months ago By Forbes
Chaotic New Naira Banknote Shortages Causes Bank Queues

Positive Developments Follow Nigeria’s Free Floating Forex Market To Harmonize Exchange Rates

Published 7 months ago By Forbes Africa
‘I Took The Bitter Pill’

‘I Took The Bitter Pill’

Published 7 years ago By Forbes Africa