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Crowd raising and holding rainbow gay flags during a Gay Pride. Trans flags can be seen as well in the background. The rainbow flag is one of the symbols of the LGBTQ community

Here’s Why These Countries—Not Just Canada—Warn Citizens Visiting The U.S.

Published 5 months ago By Forbes
A protester holds a Trans Pride flag and a ‘Protect Trans

Transgender People Twice As Likely To Die As Cisgender People, Study Finds

Published 2 years ago By Forbes
Athletics – Olympics: Day 9

There Are More Openly LGBTQ+ Olympians At Tokyo 2020 Than All Other Games Combined — Here Are The Athletes Making Sporting History

Published 2 years ago By Forbes
Vewtopia Music Festival 2020 – Day 2

DaBaby Issues Second Apology To LGBTQ Community Over Homophobic Remarks

Published 2 years ago By Forbes