Emerald Group acquires 40% stake in Forbes Africa

Published 1 month ago

Emerald Group Expands African Media Footprint with Strategic Investment in Forbes Africa

In a move signalling a significant expansion of its media interests in Africa, the Emerald Group, through Media54—its subsidiary focused on English-speaking African countries—has acquired a 40% equity stake in ABN Publishing Pty Limited. ABN Publishing is the esteemed publisher behind Forbes Africa, a key player within the ABN Group that has been at the forefront of business journalism on the continent. This strategic investment extends to ABN Publishing’s South African operations and its subsidiary offices in Kenya and Nigeria, marking a notable expansion of Emerald Group’s influence across the continent.

The acquisition is not just a transaction of shares but also brings a collaborative dimension to the table, with the appointment of two new board members to ABN Publishing. This move is poised to enhance the governance and strategic direction of the publisher, ensuring that the synergies between Emerald Group and ABN Publishing are fully leveraged.

A Vision for a Pan-African Media Powerhouse

The Emerald Group has previously demonstrated its prowess in the media landscape by successfully launching Forbes Lusophone Africa, targeting Portuguese-speaking countries on the continent. With this new investment in Forbes Africa, the Group embarks on an ambitious journey to cover an impressive 55% of the African continent, thereby cementing its position as a major content outlet. This strategic expansion is in line with the Group’s vision to create a diversified media platform that not only covers financial and economic news but also delves into sports and entertainment. The goal is to offer a rich, multi-channel content experience that caters to a wide audience across Africa.


N’Gunu Tiny, Chairman & CEO of the Emerald Group, shared his vision behind the investment, stating, “This investment is another stepping stone in our commitment and long-term strategy for Africa. English is the international language of business, and we see a clear path ahead by capitalizing on a global brand such as Forbes to build a media platform for those who are positively impacting the continent by making it more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous for the current and future generations.”

Synergies and Opportunities for Growth

The integration of Forbes Africa with Forbes Lusophone Africa under the Emerald Group’s umbrella is expected to unlock a plethora of opportunities for editorial and commercial synergy. By pooling resources and expertise, both publications aim to enhance their coverage of the African continent, offering in-depth insights into its diverse economies, cultures, and innovations. This collaborative effort is also set to provide a more robust platform for premium content distribution, reaching a wider audience and enabling cross-selling opportunities within an expanded market.

Sidharth Wahi, Executive Director of ABN Publishing, echoed the sentiment of growth and collaboration. “The resulting synergies of this strategic investment represent a new growth opportunity, by keeping the focus on our core values but at the same expanding the work started 13 years ago,” he said. This partnership is seen as a milestone that will fuel further innovation and expansion, keeping both Forbes Africa and Forbes Lusophone Africa at the forefront of business journalism in Africa.