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Anais Nin

Upendo Shuma

Founder, Lavie Makeup Studio

Country: Tanzania

Shuma spent her days off learning how to do make up, while working as cabin crew at Fastjet airline. Once she was confident enough, she would make up her friends and family for a fee. The small business grew through word of mouth. She got more clients and even celebrities advertised her work through Instagram.

In 2013, she resigned and founded Lavie Makeup Studio.

“I opened a small makeup studio with just one room, employed one person and trained her,” she says.

After a year, they moved to a bigger place and she employed three more people. A year and a half later, they moved to an even bigger place and added another three people.

Lavie Makeup Studio has 40 to 60 brides per month during peak season and 20 to 30 brides when business is slow.

“We also do regular makeovers and fixing lashes. We also do celebrity makeup, we have worked with a lot of celebrities inside and from outside Tanzania.”

Shuma has also developed her first line of products. She says they have sold 3,000 pieces since inception in 2015.