Quote Of The Day

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

Gloria Steinem

Rupert Weterings

Founder, Allied Insurance Brokers

Country: South Africa

Weterings calls himself a cultural chameleon. He has lived in more countries than many will ever see.  Born in South Africa, he was raised in Russia, Cameroon, Netherlands, Norway, the UK, Libya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. His father was a diplomat.

“In my formative years, I saw the Zimbabwean economy collapse. My friends and family had to quickly leave or adapt to the rapidly changing circumstance. It taught me that anyone can be an entrepreneur,” he says.

In 2011, he founded Allied Insurance Brokers (AIB) in Angola and in just two years the company grew to become one of the largest Angolan property, casualty, life and medical insurance and reinsurance brokerage companies.

“Not speaking Portuguese and wanting to establish an insurance brokerage in a Portuguese-speaking environment, and having limited financial experience when I began in Angola, was the hardest.”

Recently the company completed the acquisition of a leading JSE-listed African insurance business in the Democratic Republic of Congo, employs 50 people, is in the process of expanding into Tanzania and Mozambique and, according to Weterings, the company handled $45 million gross written premium in 2016.

Like a chameleon, Weterings may one day change color across Africa.