Quote Of The Day

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.


Mwayi Kampesi

Founder, In-House Interiors

Country: Malawi

Kampesi knows failure can be the key to success. She saw her father start a business, fail, pick himself up and come back for more.

“My father would make us go work with him at his office. Every holiday we knew we needed to work for him. I knew that someday I would be my own boss,” she says.

Her individual journey into entrepreneurship began in high school. She would collect junk, paint it, remould it and put in her room.

“When people saw my room they would ask me to do a few pieces for them, so I quickly jumped into this opportunity of making my own money.”

She saw an opportunity to turn rags to riches. While working as an architect, she saved up about 70% of her salary every month to start the business. It took three and half years.

In 2011, she founded In-House Interiors, an architectural, interior décor and space accessories company in Malawi. She makes interior accessories like side lamps, coffee tables and chandeliers out of recycled materials.

“I do interior décor and rebranding for companies, transform a house into a home for individuals and also manage these projects,” says Kampesi.

Kampesi employs about 25 people.

This is a true junk to riches story.