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Today is the beginning of the Rest of your Life! You are the Pilot of your life! Lock in your destination; take off to it, from where you are!

Vimal Shah

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

Founder, Flutterwave

Country:  Nigeria

Aboyeji has been part of many successful businesses in his short life and secured investment from Mark Zuckerberg. He founded Bookneto, an online learning platform while studying in Canada. In 2013, it was acquired by the Canadian Innovation Centre and Aboyeji moved back to Nigeria, his country of birth.

Here, he founded Fora, an online platform to help African universities build high-quality online courses for young professionals. It was met with regulation problems and it ended up being more of a marketplace for online courses overseas.

He didn’t let this get to him. In 2014, he met up with Jeremy Johnson, an old friend, and they spoke about founding Andela, a talent accelerator that recruits and trains software developers and connects them with employers. It grew to be one of Nigeria’s best-known start-ups. It received a $24 million investment from Facebook founder Zuckerberg and Aboyeji helped build it to over $100 million market cap in two years.

In 2016, Aboyeji left Andela to start Flutterwave, a provider of technology and infrastructure solutions for digital payments across Africa.

“Our award-winning omni-channel payments processor enables seamless and secure transactions processing across different payment instruments like mobile money, cards, bank accounts, airtime and different channels like web, mobile, agents, USSD and ATM in over 30 African countries.”

The company process over $760 million through 7.5 million transactions for merchants in partnership with financial institutions.

At this rate, Aboyeji could one day be a FORBES AFRICA cover.