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In whatever you do, strive to be the best at it

Aliko Dangote

Allegro Dinkwanyane

Founder, Orgella Media 

Country: South Africa

Dinkwanyane spends her life wired into the internet where she makes her money.

You could call her the poster child of social media; Dinkwanyane makes a living from telling stories of the rich and famous.

Her entrepreneurial journey started not in an MBA classroom, but in journalism school, when she was given an assignment to start an online blog. Impressed, her lecturer encouraged her to keep at it.

After diligent research, planning and a lot of soul-searching, Orgella Media was born in her university dormitory in 2011. Orgella?

“I was inspired by Oprah’s Harpo because it’s her name spelled backwards. From the time I saw it, I started writing my name backwards and realized there is a good ring to it,” says Dinkwanyane.

Orgella Media started as an entertainment blog and has now diversified into public relations (PR), charity and property divisions.

Dinkwanyane’s public profile increased over the years. She represents the likes of South Africa’s music sensation Donald, TV presenter Siya Mdlalose and fashion designer Paledi Segapo. She also has corporate clients like Avon South Africa, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria and Poppy’s Restaurant and employs eight people.

She may spell her name backwards but her business is going forward.