Koos Bekker

Former CEO, Naspers
Real Time Net Worth
as of May 24, 2017
Net Worth
as of 2018
  • Age 65
  • Source of wealth Media Investments
  • Citizenship South Africa
  • Education LLB, University of Witwatersrand, Masters Business Administration, Columbia Business School
  • Residence Cape Town, South Africa
  • Status Married
  • Children 2

Net Worth Over Time

$0.45 B
$1.1 B
$2 B
$1.7 B
$2 B
$2 B
$2.8 B

What is enough? Enough is when somebody says, "Get me the best people you can find" and nobody notices that half of them turn out to be women

Koos Bekker

Koos Bekker is revered as an astute executive who transformed South African newspaper publisher Naspers into a digital media powerhouse, primarily due to his 2001 bet on Chinese Internet and media firm Tencent. During his tenure as CEO, which began in 1997, Bekker oversaw a rise in the market capitalization of Naspers from about $600 million to $45 billion, while drawing no salary, bonus, or benefits. He was compensated via stock option grants that vested over time. Bekker, who retired as the CEO of Naspers in March 2014, returned as chairman in April 2015. Over the summer of 2015 he sold more than 70% of his Naspers shares. His Babylonstoren estate, which features architecture dating back to 1690, stretches across nearly 600 acres in South Africa’s Western Cape region and includes a farm, orchard, vineyard, a 14-room hotel and a restaurant.