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Aziz Akhannouch & family

Majority Owner, Akwa Group
Real Time Net Worth
as of May 24, 2017
Net Worth
as of 2017
  • Age 56
  • Source of wealth Petroleum
  • Citizenship Morocco
  • Education Master Of Business Administration, University de Sherbrooke
  • Residence Casablanca, Morocco
  • Status Married
  • Children 3

Net Worth Over Time

$1.4 B
$1.4 B
$1.7 B
$1.3 B
$1.4 B

Our position on the government is clear, we want a strong government

Aziz Akhannouch & family

Aziz Akhannouch is the majority owner of Akwa Group, a multibillion-dollar Moroccan conglomerate with interests in petroleum, gas and chemicals through its publicly-traded subsidiaries Afriquia Gas and Maghreb Oxygene. It also has businesses operating in media, real estate development and hotels. Akwa Group was founded by Akhannouch’s father, who later took on a partner, Ahmed Wakrim. While Akhannouch serves as Morocco’s Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, he has handed off day-to-day management of the group to Ahmed Wakrim’s son Ali Wakrim. Akhannouch’s wife, Salwa Idrissi, runs her own company, which develops malls, and owns the Moroccan franchises for Gap, Zara, and Galeries Lafayette, among other fashion brands.