Behind Every Woman Is An Alter Ego

Published 8 years ago

By day, Nandipha Sekeleni, 26, is a medical intern at Edenvale General Hospital in Johannesburg, negotiating the hospital’s grim corridors in her jaded scrubs.

By evening, she slips out of her bloody hospital clothes to don a new role – that of her more famous alter ego.

Sekelani has 26,ooo followers on Instagram, not for her medical accolades – not yet – but for her fashion blog.


She started by posting pictures of herself in her self-styled outfits, expressing her moods through fashion. This won her followers, who were interested in her dual life.

Style however is not just about fashion and what one does, but about how one approaches life. Sekeleni is a true reflection of this mantra; she describes herself as nothing more than a woman who cared enough to try.

She is also a wife and mother, takes emergency calls 24/7, and works alternate weekends, which probably explains why she dedicates her Instagram page to young women who want to do it all.

Pictures of her chic outfits online are accompanied by messages of hope and inspiring texts on women’s empowerment.


“A woman can take on any job as long as it’s done well. As long as I do my best, I know I can compete with anyone in my industry. Any woman has the power to be whatever they want to be,” she says.

Sekeleni is lucky she has a support system at home, which she is grateful for.

Her inspirations? Victoria Beckham and Noni Gasa. Her advice to women wanting to unlock their true style potential? Shop, shop, shop until you have variety in your closet – and in life.