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What we do is convey information . it might be a big storm that’s coming or it might be lovely weather for beaches. We take all the information, we look at the weather, we’re telling the story but you want people to remember what you’re cheap jersey outlet telling them because so many times people will watch the weather and you get to the end of it and you go [pulls face] ‘What’s gonna happen tomorrow?’ . and that’s why I like to sit there and tell people, ‘today’s gonna be a great day for the beach, you’re gonna go outside, you’re gonna have fun.’

For me, the highlight of this video is Dan’s forecast in front of the studio audience.

Daniel worked for the Met Office and the BBC in the UK for many years. cheap international soccer jerseys He became part of the One News Weather Team in 2014. Daniel says when he and his wife moved to New Zealand three and a half years ago for a change in lifestyle, he had to learn new forecasting skills because the weather here is very different to the States and the UK. “It’s really challenging due to the contrast between the mountains and sea as cheap nhl jerseys well as New Zealand’s position situated midway between the tropics and the poles. All these factors help make our weather dramatic and very unique.”

Daniel picked Warkworth as a pace to live because of the proximity to the vineyards, beaches, and marine reserves of the Mahurangi Peninsula, as well as the diverse and welcoming community. “I am really excited about the new life we’re creating in Warkworth. It’s such a contrast to those built up megacities I’ve lived in previously like London or New York.”

Here’s the FB trailer, complete with title typo:

Warkowrth, Sunday 14 June, 11am on TV OneHere just a taste of some of the stories on offer when meteorologist, Daniel Corbett is our guide to Warkworth, this Sunday.

Posted by Neighbourhood on Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sunny With a Chance of green bay packers jerseys cheap GENIUS: Celebrating TV One’s New Weatherman

Alex Casey revels in the highs and lows of Daniel Corbett, cheap nfl jerseys from china paypal the endearing One News weatherman and replacement for Jim Hickey in our hearts.

I have always been told to listen to my parents, so when my Dad urgently let me know that the new TV One weatherman looked like “Dynamo in 30 years” I had to take note. Daniel Corbett, our new Jim Hickey, is a weatherman to end all weathermen. . I strongly recommend tuning into the ol’ 6pm news if you haven’t already seen his scintillating . caress of the South Island.

It’s an unexpected transition from . Jim Hickey, especially with the spritely Sam Wallace flexing in the wings. I was expecting TV One would seize the opportunity to overhaul the weather and make it a bit young, a bit sexy, a bit Sticky TV. Instead they went with what can only be described as a jokey British version of JIM HICKEY in a suit.

I love him to bits, and I’m not the only one. After a small flurry of research I found this incredible fanblog devoted to the man himself [link edited to point to main blog page]. Tirelessly recording every hilarious analogy, joke and bizarre noise he makes for the world to see, it confirmed my suspicions that we have a little ray of sunshine piercing through the post Hickey rain cloud.

Corbett goes for an extremely theatrical presentation technique . A great way to watch him is to sit as close to the screen as possible and just focus on the hands. Honestly gives Cirque DU Soleil a run for ken griffey jr throwback jersey ITS money.

“That low coming through will temper your numbers,” Corbett assures us, gently pushing both his palms down like he was resuscitating a ghost. It’s hypnotising .

Another one of his essential techniques is to personify or anthropomorphise the weather, acting out relatable blake griffin jersey cheap scenarios for people like me who don’t know about things like “highs” or “pressure fields” or “science”. Last night he described a stubborn ridge as “sat there like a big rugby player.” He would do his rugby player bit two more times throughout the segment.

Last night’s anthropomorphic analogy came in the form of a mouse. I have never heard someone say the word “nibble” so many times on the six o’clock news. He said it five times in the space of three minutes. That’s too many nibbles, surely. The high was being nibbled, the weather system was being nibbled, the rugby player ridge was being nibbled.

Corbett finished his segment on a poignant note; “the mouse eats around the edges of the cheese,” he said, pausing and staring reflectively past the camera and into the deepest crevice of my soul, “and eventually gets to the middle of it.”

Who’s to say if he was even talking about the weather at this point, or simply closing his piece with a bleak reminder that the mouse of time is slowly gnawing away at the chees