Driving Investments and Partnerships In South Africa’s Baby Care Industry

Published 3 months ago
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Procter & Gamble (P&G), a global consumer goods company, recently celebrated the introduction of its new Pampers Premium Care production line in Kempton Park, located in the country’s Gauteng province. The inauguration event was held at its cutting-edge Pampers facility and P&G was honored to host President Cyril Ramaphosa and other esteemed government representatives.

P&G has made significant investments in South Africa since 1994 with a strong economic and social footprint. Since 2018, the President Ramaphosa instituted the South Africa Investment Conference (SAIC) aimed at attracting investment into the country. P&G has been a key partner in the SAIC program, and has announced investments every year and at a cumulative total of R900 million (approximately $47 million). This specific facility has grown its capacity to include a dedicated production line for Pampers Premium Care. This milestone not only showcases P&G’s commitment to South Africa but also highlights the company’s contributions to job creation, technological advancement, and sustainability.

Stanislav Vecera, P&G President for Asia Middle East & Africa, who led the event, says the company’s dedication to South Africa’s growth. “P&G’s investment in the new production line demonstrates our unwavering commitment to South Africa’s future. By bringing the production of Pampers Premium Care diapers to the country, we are creating local job opportunities, fostering innovation, and driving economic and social development. This investment is a testament to our belief in South Africa’s potential and our dedication to being a long-term partner in its progress.”


Fayyaz Rizvi, Senior Vice President for P&G sub-Sahara Africa emphasizes the long partnership P&G has had with the government of South Africa and acknowledges the support it has received in enabling companies like P&G to operate effectively in the country. “Through this partnership, we continue to increase our local footprint through local sourcing; advancing equality and inclusion and partnering on several programs contributing to South Africa’s attainment of the SDGs,” he says.

Currently, P&G creates over 4,000 direct and indirect jobs throughout its value chain. Alicia Eggington, Vice President, and General Manager for P&G South Africa, echoes P&G’s commitment to being a force for growth and good, stating, “We firmly believe in investing in South Africa’s potential. Through the introduction of this new production line, P&G is not only supporting the local economy but also promoting gender equality and social progress. Our focus on STEM education and women’s roles within the company has enabled us to achieve a remarkable 50:50 gender representation, setting an example for the industry. On top of this, we also serve our consumers by now offering them a locally-produced, top-tier product they can trust.”

The Pampers Premium Care diaper features an incredibly soft topsheet that offers gentle skin protection. Babies explore the world through touch, so these diapers are made with the softest material, ensuring optimal absorbency and breathability.

During the visit, President Ramaphosa also acknowledged P&G’s investment and its positive impact on the country. “The launch of this production line is the latest in a number of projects that have given effect to Procter & Gamble’s investment pledges. Through these and other investments, Procter & Gamble is contributing to the industrialization of South Africa’s economy. To drive growth that is sustainable and inclusive, we are working to expand and diversify our manufacturing base and improve its competitiveness and dynamism.”


The event underscored P&G’s commitment to South Africa, emphasizing the company’s efforts to drive growth, create employment, and make a lasting, positive impact on the local community

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