Empowering Women Through Transformational Education And Elevation

Published 8 months ago
Dineo Sekwele, Nutun's Group HR Executive

In a world where women continue to make their mark across diverse fields, Nutun’s recent Women’s event served as a powerful reminder that empowerment is not just a concept but a way of life.

By embracing challenges, supporting one another, and nurturing our innate potential, women are propelling themselves and society toward a brighter future. In this celebration of empowerment, Nutun was proud to share our message – together, we foster progress for all.

Empowering Women Every Day


On August 29, 2023 in South Africa, Nutun brought together a diverse group of individuals, ranging from call center employees to executive leaders, to celebrate the immense potential that women hold.

During this gathering, Nutun also introduced a transformative educational and empowerment initiative aptly named NEW – Nutun Empowered Women. NEW stands as a remarkable effort geared towards propelling the careers of female employees across the organization.

Introducing Nutun’s Women’s Day Event

The event began with a address by Dineo Sekwele, Nutun’s Group HR Executive. Sekwele urged attendees to embrace challenges as avenues for personal growth, emphasizing that individual backgrounds do not limit future possibilities.


Launching the NEW Program

Sekwele explained that this new initiative was born out of Nutun’s workforce demographic, which is 75% women, and the company’s commitment to gender equality.

She captured the driving force behind the NEW program: “By investing in the professional growth of our female talent, we aim to empower women within Nutun and inspire other organizations to do the same. Elevating women ultimately fosters progress for all.”

The program will provide skills-building, group coaching, networking, and other resources to help Nutun’s women expand their capabilities and advance. Sekwele stressed that achieving gender equity starts internally, and Nutun is dedicated to turning ideals into action.


Fifty women were selected for the inaugural cohort, hailing from areas ranging from junior staff across all areas of the business to middle management. The curriculum was designed with input from partners like Duke Corporate University, recently rated number one worldwide in Custom Executive Education by the Financial Times.

Words of Encouragement from Nutun’s CEO

John Watling, Nutun’s CEO, took to the stage to amplify the resounding voices of women. He underscored their profound impact as bearers of strength, intelligence, pioneers in breaking glass ceilings, challengers of stereotypes, natural leaders, and agents of change.

In his eyes, diversity, and inclusion (particularly a women’s ascent to leadership roles) form cornerstones for organizational prosperity. He encouraged listeners to contribute to the cause of diversity, support, and uplift women to help them realize their boundless potential.


Highlights from the Speakers:

Karen Muller

The event featured keynote speaker Karen Muller, Client Success Advisor from Top Employer. Drawing an analogy between life’s journey and refueling, Muller encouraged attendees to embrace the belief that they possess the capacity to achieve any aspiration. She emphasized the power of solidarity among women and underscored the essence of mutual support.

Peta Mashinini


Peta Mashinini, a keynote speaker from the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA), delivered a resonant address, calling for attendees to uplift and support one another. She stressed the importance of intent in everything that one does to achieve your goals and objectives. Mashinini also stressed the importance of gender equality and how we need to ensure we do not leave behind the men while we strengthen the women of tomorrow. The event showcased IWFSA’s achievements, with a special focus on their mentorship program dedicated to empowering women leaders.

Sharing Our Narratives of Success

A captivating panel discussion united Aline Kruger, COO of Nutun’s Transact Division, Tanya Grota, the Nutun Group CFO and Sekwele, each one sharing their unique journey to success. The panel was facilitated by Nutun’s Special Projects Executive, Mmule Sapula.

The golden thread highlighted from this panel is that each woman has her own journey and it’s so important to recognize the hard work, dedication, sacrifice and motivation one must make to achieve success. Another theme that arose is the importance of holistic well-being – physical, mental, and emotional health are all linked and are factors that can keep you strong and motivated in life. Sekwele’s unyielding resolve to surmount obstacles resonated deeply, reminding everyone that resilience, determination, and seeking help when needed are the keys to triumph.


The second panel, facilitated by Elizabeth Govender, Executive Talent, and Learning & Development, looked at the importance of investing in yourself and others and how this paves your pathway to success. Stories of development and success were heard from some of the up-and-coming female leaders at Nutun.

Final Words

The event concluded with a reflection from Winsome Manson, Executive in Business Development, who highlighted the significance of empowerment.

Winsome noted that the participants were surrounded by intelligent and phenomenal individuals, setting the stage for future leaders. Her closing remarks resonated deeply, reinforcing the notion that success is a product of personal actions, continuous learning, and resourcefulness.

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