Serving rising entrepreneurs and companies with private equity

Published 1 year ago
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Dr Owusu Kizito, Founder and CEO of INVESTIGROUP is helping entrepreneurs, as well as improving business profits through tax, accounting and business consulting, as well as building affording housing in Ghana to help lower income families.

Private equity (PE) may be the best option for most businesses today as banks become more regulated and scrutinized. PE checks almost every box in the entrepreneurs’ list; low-interest rates, diversification and risk mitigation, and a friendly political climate. In addition, private equity adds working capital to businesses and allows more freedom of growth, a critical aspect every small entrepreneur strives to achieve. Consequently, this is where Kizito comes in. Kizito is offering rising entrepreneurs and companies private equity to help them grow and bring their ideas to fruition.

He is the founder and CEO of INVESTIGROUP, a full-service business development group, general management, and financial consulting firm focused on small and medium-sized privately held companies. INVESTIGROUP seeks to provide on-demand, growth-oriented support to rising entrepreneurs, giving them the tools and resources to reach their full potential.


They help rising entrepreneurs implement their ideas and expand their ventures by providing the capital and expertise required to achieve this goal. The team’s experience in the business world is helping them stand out. Kizito has a Masters in Business Administration from Hawaii Pacific University, USA, and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from the University of Phoenix. He has over 15 years of working experience in banking, financial analysis, consulting, project management, and process improvement, with a background as an analytic expert regarding the calculus of decision-making and problem-solving. INVESTIGROUP has completed several growth equity investments that saved at least ten companies from bankruptcy. They are available in the USA, Ghana, China, and Oman.

INVESTIGROUP also provides tax, accounting, and business consulting service solutions to businesses in and out of the USA. INVESTIGROUP has helped several businesses in USA and Ghana improve their profits to a range of 17-22% yearly through active engagements. They offer an INVESTIGROUP VIP program where members earn points for services and access other valuable options like trading. For example, INVESTIGROUP offers rice and sugar international trading and importation of raw and white sugar from Brazil, Thailand, and Guyana.

According to Kizito their goal is to help small and medium size businesses maximize growth, providing financial support and consultations. He also looks to create affordable housing in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Affordable housing continues to be an urgent socio-economic concern worldwide as the average income fails to match house price increases. Ghana has a housing deficit of around 2 million units, the most affected being the low and medium-income brackets. Many people are moving to the cities in search of greener pastures which has seen most urban areas become overpopulated and increased the pressure on urban housing. Therefore, the available units sell at almost double the price making it harder for the common citizen to get suitable housing.


There is also the issue of land cost; land prices have skyrocketed as Ghana’s economy grows, and with the minimum wage, it will take years of continuous savings for an average person to afford a piece of land. Thus, Kizito and INVESTIGROUP are fast closing the gap by building affordable houses in the country. In this regard, they intend to build about 5,000 units in the next three years to help low-income families in the cities.

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