Influencer-Speak: How To Navigate The Online Space Profitably

Published 1 year ago

Digital businesses are changing the face of the entrepreneurial world globally. It’s estimated that the rise of online businesses is set to surpass the popularity of mainstream ventures. With the advent of technology, anyone with a working computer and internet can become financially independent. This might seem unreal to anyone not versed in the digital business. This is where Frank Fourie is bridging the information gap, helping aspiring digital entrepreneurs find their footing and make explosive sales. Fourie is a young influencer and millionaire business coach from South Africa, showing the world how to navigate the online space profitably.

Fourie hails from a humble background. He aspired to be an accountant, so he moved to Hong Kong to gain work experience. During this time, Fourie was introduced to online coaching for the first time, and he was amazed by the concept. He also had his first interaction with business in Hong Kong. Fourie was a fitness enthusiast then, earning him a huge fan following on social media. His followers often seek his guidance regarding fitness, and that is when he decided to become a business coach to guide fitness trainers in growing their businesses.

Initially, it was not easy for Fourie to navigate the industry. He kept grinding for the first 6 months, working more than 20 hours daily. Sleep deprivation took a toll on his physical and mental health, but Fourie persisted. Finally, after 3 years of consistent hard work and dedication, Fourie went from being broke to one of the richest influencers in South Africa. He and his fiancée Summer da Cruz, a former South African love island star, co-own an online coaching business that has already made thousands of millionaires worldwide.


Fourie, a 25 years old influencer, currently generates 8 figures every month from sales and has been featured in Forbes. Fourie is also listed among the top 30 earners in South Africa who are aged under 30. Raking millions in sales annually, Fourie stands out among other business coaches in helping young business owners get clients to scale up revenue. With his proven strategies to boost sales, he has created numerous millionaires online, and the numbers continues to climb.

Consistent innovation and evolution have been the biggest pillars of success for Fourie. He believes complacency is the enemy of progress, so he dedicatedly works to enhance his knowledge to scale up his business. Fourie has now founded four businesses, FrankFit, I AM FIT CEO, Highkey Scaling, and Millionaire Education Academy, all based in South Africa. Through his tough schedules, he has realized the value of relaxation and spending quality time with family. This has spurred him to automate most of his businesses to ensure his involvement is not always required. Fourie now only works 5 days a week and never misses the chance to spend quality time with his fiancé and their baby boy Ocean. Fourie’s devotion to a healthy work-life balance has become the point of reference among aspiring entrepreneurs.

Fourie has achieved financial freedom quite early in life, and now he wants others to follow in his footsteps. He, therefore, looks forward to building a reputable brand in online coaching, one whose worth spirals into billions. But, as a business coach who has lived through most phases of the business, he understands the inherent challenges most budding entrepreneurs face, and as a note of admonishment, he encourages his students to be persistent; He believes it is the fine line that separates a winner from a loser.


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