What The Right Wealth Manager Knows About Real Wealth

Published 1 year ago
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Wealth. For the majority of people who aspire to attaining it, the word simply means an abundance of money. But to those who have achieved a measure of financial success, or who are already well on the road to doing so, the concept of wealth usually takes on a much broader meaning than just having money in the bank.

For them, real wealth is about the capacity that financial means provides to be more, and do more. It’s about the freedom that money provides to achieve what they want from life, and to give those they care about the opportunity to do the same.

For most people, this ability to create and grow wealth, harness opportunities for themselves and others, and build a better future for subsequent generations is the true measure of financial success. And those who achieve it almost always attribute a good part of that achievement to the input and guidance of a trusted wealth management partner.


The value of such a wealth management partnership is the same whether you are starting out on your wealth creation journey, or you have already reached your desired financial destination. That’s because a good wealth creation and management partner understands that, while each individual’s financial circumstances and wealth creation and management goals are different, the achievement of those goals relies on finding the right answers to the same four questions:

1. What is really important to you?

2. Where are you now on your life journey and where do you truly want to be?

3. What are the roles you fulfil as an individual, and in your family, your business and community?


4. Are the money decisions you make today connecting you to the future you desire?

At Nedbank Wealth Management, we have built our business on helping our clients answer those questions for themselves. Our roots go back to the first estate management business founded in South Africa in 1834, which focused primarily on looking after the financial needs of widows and orphans. So, when it comes to building a legacy that can be passed on to those you care about, we’ve been doing it successfully for close to two centuries.

Today Nedbank Wealth Management is a leading full-service wealth creation and management business, delivering globally integrated wealth management advisory services designed to help our clients make better financial decisions, now and in the future. We deliver that advice through our two core brands: Nedbank Private Wealth, which services the more complex global needs of high-net-worth clients; and Nedbank Financial Planning, which offers expert advice to anyone who wants to build, manage and preserve wealth for themselves and their future generations. We even facilitate the sharing of that wealth through giving, via our award-winning philanthropy office.

Put simply, we connect people to their wealth aspirations by listening to what is important to them, helping them to visualise their unique wealth ‘big picture’, and guiding them towards optimal ways to bank, borrow, invest, structure, grow, protect and pass on their wealth.


It’s an approach that has earned us numerous accolades, the most recent of which were first, second and third places in the 2022 Intellidex / Investors Monthly Top Private Bank and Wealth Manager Survey across the three categories of Archetype Award for a Wealthy Family; People’s Choice Award for Private Banks; and Top Wealth Manager – Large Institutions respectively.

If you want to find out more about partnering with Nedbank Wealth Management to connect to your wealth goals, email [email protected] for a no-obligation discussion.

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