Digital Marketing Company Announces £1.5 million Profit

Published 1 year ago
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COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and fueled rapid growth in the digital marketing sector, with companies such as SocialAmp reaching new heights. SocialAmp has broken its profit record for the fifth year. The group has just reported 67% year-on-year growth with £1.5million profit and is on track to achieve £5m profit by the end of the next financial year. 

Andrew Scrase, one of SocialAmp’s founders said “It’s been eye opening seeing the impact the pandemic had on numerous fields. SocialAmp was fortunate to be in a position to help certain companies transition to digital and survive the pandemic. Being part of their journey has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us and has felt like a real privilege to have had the responsibility to help so many businesses get through those tough moments and explore new areas of opportunity.” 

SocialAmp has worked with some of the top players in the fashion and entertainment industry, including Pretty Little Thing, Nickelodeon, MTV, Billionaire Boys Club, and Boohoo, among many others. 


Tom Scrase, another of SocialAmp’s founders, commented: “It’s been so rewarding being able to take the knowledge and experience gained through the years working with some of the largest advertisers in the world and being able to apply that to business of all shapes and sizes at SocialAmp. I’ll never get tired of seeing the positive impact we continue to have on all businesses we work with.” 

SocialAmp are one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies, harnessing the power of social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Google. With backing from KM capital they are making their mark in the digital marketing sector. 

Scott McKenna, Matt Collino, Andrew Scrase and Tom Scrase, the founders of SocialAmp, aim to grow their impressive client list further and into new markets. The four former Facebook employees left the social giant to start SocialAmp. 

“With our experience working at Facebook and in-depth knowledge of how the algorithms work, we feel like we’re in a unique position to drive best in class results for our clients” commented Scott McKenna. 


Collino added: “We’ve been extremely driven to provide a working relationship where we are seen as an extension of the internal team rather than a typical external agency. This has helped us create long-standing relationships and understandings of our clients’ businesses” 

As SocialAmp grows, the founders are looking to launch an initial public offering in the next three years and expand their services to Africa, particularly, the Nigerian market. 

Nigeria has more than 109 million internet users, the highest in all African countries. SocialAmp believes tapping into these numbers will help take Nigeria’s economy to the next level as businesses can use social media platforms to build social signals and increase sales.  

Andrew Scrase and Tom Scrase, two of SocialAmp’s founders, were born in Nigeria. But this is not the only African market that SocialAmp has its eyes on. According to the group, their goal is to have their services available in various African countries.  


With a growing team in both London and Glasgow, they plan to double their workforce by mid next year to continue to deliver their best-in-class service for their impressive and expanding client list. 

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