Leveraging Global Reach to Help Make a Difference

Published 1 year ago
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Philanthropy and social causes are supported by various individuals and organizations across the globe. Today, it is essential for leading brands, celebrities, and government bodies to support philanthropic efforts and help make the world a better place. Social media has played a pivotal role in helping garner support for various causes in the last decade. While several brands are doing their bit to support various causes, the Pubity Group is leading by example.

Based in Manchester, UK, the Pubity Group was founded by Kit Chilvers and Iyrah Williams. They started out as Instagram influencers at just 14 years old. In the beginning, they were focused on sports and memes. Today, the Pubity Group includes more than 16 diverse accounts under the umbrella of Pubity Group. It covers various subjects, including humor, travel, social commentary, sports, and pets.

Pubity offers a unique platform for the youth of today to discuss various burning issues and support causes that they believe in. The Pubity group’s global reach has made it a formidable force online, with a loyal following of more than 100 million users. To its massive audience, the brand has become a friendly face and a credible, trusted source. The Pubity Group is highly committed to driving new trends and breaking fresh ground in its approach to making a tangible difference by leveraging its global reach and usage of the platform it has built.


Pubity has partnered with various leading non-profit organizations and charitable organizations such as Charity: Water, Khalsa Aid(UK), and several others. The Pubity group also helped spread awareness about cancer along with extensive outreach programs during the peak of the pandemic. The young brand wants to do more with its time and resources to positively impact the world.

Pubity Group continues to demonstrate its commitment to constructing a better world. Many a brand might pledge its support to causes, but Pubity puts its words into action by creating a platform where worthy issues are brought to light before the youth of today. Pubity strongly advocates that people, brands, and businesses with the means have a role to play in bettering the world we live in. Pubity Group acknowledges its unique position of power and ability to influence millions across the globe. Kit Chilvers, the CEO of Pubity Group, added, “Our reach puts us in a position to support major causes and charitable institutions on a global level. It is our duty to do what’s right and to use our influence in a constructive manner for the betterment of our community as a whole. We hope that with partnerships like these, we encourage leading brands, businesses, and people to step up and make meaningful contributions because every effort counts.”

The Pubity Group believes that investing in good causes and giving back to society is what matters most. Awareness, good intentions, and positive actions are the foundation of a bright tomorrow. The Pubity Group hopes that their voice and influence accelerate positive change, and their presence may help add value to people’s lives in ways that are tangible and long-lasting.

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