More Than Just Rocking The Pulpit

Published 1 year ago

Paul Adefarasin, author and motivational speaker is also a thought leader, mentor, advocate and philanthropist, among others. With more than 30 years of pastoral and visionary leadership experience, Adefarasin is sought-after across the world to share his expertise. 

House On The Rock, a Christian ministry founded by him from his mother’s living room in 1994, has grown by leaps and bounds. With its global headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, the ministry now has over 70 parishes and fellowships across Africa and Europe, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa and Ireland to the United Kingdom.  

Adefarasin also founded the Rock Foundation, a non-profit charity organization that provides healthcare, education, social reformation, and relief materials to the needy.  


He believes a failure of leadership is responsible for the dismal state of the health and education sectors, the high unemployment rate and lack of social safety nets in many African countries. He once noted that “when there is a failure of political leadership, the need for philanthropy becomes more crucial”. 

The Rock Foundation, therefore, is a pragmatic response to a socio-economic challenge. The words of Reverend Adefarasin ring true that “philanthropy is in our self-interest, it guarantees security, and it is Africa’s informal social security system; if it fails, society fails. If society fails, civilization degenerates”. 

He introduced an annual free musical concert titled The Experience, dubbed as Africa’s largest gospel concert; attendees have crossed the million mark with annual television viewership running into multiple millions across over 180 countries. He is the recipient of the Forbes USA Best of Africa award titled Most Influential Personality of the Year 2021.  

A preacher, he has pursued his pastoral vocation alongside his broader humanistic vision with equal zeal and has recorded significant accomplishments in both fields. 


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