How Tingo Is Using Agri-Fintech To Change Farming in Africa

Published 2 years ago

Tingo is a unique next generation Agri-fintech company offering, through Tingo Mobile in Nigeria, Tingo’s device as a service model provides customers with personal communications services (“PCS”) using GSM technology for subscribers that are designed to meet the needs of individual consumers and businesses. Tingo Mobile has developed a comprehensive Agri-Fintech and Agri-Marketplace ecosystem to support almost 10 million customers within and outside the agricultural sector, becoming a leading provider in Africa of such services over the long term. Services offered include device as a service (smartphone leasing), Agri-Marketplace, airtime top ups, utilities payments, bill pay, access to insurance and lending services, collectively known as ‘NWASSA’ and TingoPay a comprehensive mobile wallet to support financial inclusion and deliver significant social impact in the agriculture sector supporting rural communities in line with UN SDG and ESG principles.


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