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Published 1 months ago
By BrandVoice Partner

NESCAFÉ RICOFFY has been a part of South African lives for over 50 years, and we are taking steps to ensure that we will be around for many years to come. To us, sustainability means more than knowing the origin of our coffee beans. It means we take great pride in being able to contribute toward creating and enriching shared moments that stir pride in people’s hearts. Small victories that can go on to uplift communities and create long lasting impact from beginning to end. We are proud to announce that from source to cup, our coffee beans are now 100% responsibly sourced. South Africans can still enjoy our rich chicory and coffee blend, but now it comes with the added benefit of building a better world. Our commitment to farmers, coffee communities and the planet has never been stronger. However, the challenges of sustainability don’t end with sourcing; there is a need to renovate and rehabilitate coffee farms, as well as improve labour practices and supply chains within the industry, and these are challenges that NESCAFÉ RICOFFY is proud to step up to.


Nestlé recently launched the RE sustainability initiative in South Africa, which is aimed at reinforcing all its sustainability initiatives, strategies and resources to help mitigate sustainability challenges and strengthen its contribution to a waste-free future. The initiative will focus on three key pillars to tackle the sustainability issues: Rethink, Reduce, and Repurpose. The initiative encourages everyone – industry, civil society, consumers, and government – to rethink, reduce and repurpose in their own ways by making sustainability more practical, accessible, motivating and rewarding. We know that addressing sustainability challenges cannot be resolved without collaboration and therefore it becomes important to work with like-minded partners to drive more circular initiatives and strive for zero environmental impact.


This pillar speaks to rethinking and encouraging broader society to rethink their relationship with the environment. On our part, we intend to drive this by educating the public about ways in which their behaviours can be shifted to better serve the environment. Some examples include water conversation, recycling and creating responsible practices.


The second pillar speaks to our commitment towards reducing our environmental impact to zero. This is part of our global ambition to strive for zero impact on the environment by 2030. Therefore, we will achieve this by driving reduction across our value chain; for example, food and plastic waste, as well as operational efficiencies to reduce waste.


The third pillar of the initiative focuses on upcycling and reusing materials. This is where we accelerate our circular economy business models and projects to show commitment and leadership in this space, by facilitating the elimination of single-use plastic items that cannot be recycled. Responsible sourcing is a voluntary commitment made by companies to take environmental and social factors into account when managing relationships with suppliers. This approach is an indispensable component of the NESCAFÉ RICOFFY brand strategy,

highlighting the importance of an ethically and responsibly sourced product. It’s a move that forms part of our commitment to establishing a culture of corporate responsibility. To get the best end product we needed to start at the source, because the future of great quality coffee and chicory begins with sustainable farms. Nescafé runs the largest private coffee plantlet distribution program in the world, distributing more than 180 million coffee plantlets since 2010. The venture is instrumental in driving the growth and sustainability of the industry. Responsible sourcing adds to that impact, because we know where 100% of our coffee and chicory comes from, and that it is produced in a way that makes a positive contribution to individuals, communities and the planet.


Coffee has the potential to be a sustainable commodity that provides great climate benefits while ensuring improved livelihoods for coffee communities around the world. It is precisely because of these benefits that our coffee beans are now 100% responsibly sourced. All of our coffee beans can be traced back to a reputable group of supplying farmers – farmers we are actively working with in 15 different countries across the globe. Through our network of approximately 300 agronomists, we are able to visit more than 30,000 coffee farms per year, where we provide training and assistance that improves their operations and output. The production of our chicory and coffee mixture helps the industry grow by improving the abilities of our partners in the value chain, and ultimately results in a better, more sustainable product.


To further our support for sustainable farming and the environment, the NESCAFÉ Plan is a tangible effort to Create Shared Value for farmers and communities in the coffee sector. It also allows us to consistently increase the functionality and sustainability of the value chain. In short, it’s about being more responsible to improve more lives. The NESCAFÉ Plan consists of three platforms: respecting farmers, respecting communities, and respecting our planet. Our objective is to positively contribute towards the future of great quality coffee, and that means uplifting the environment and everyone in it. Another of the plan’s focal points is to make coffee farming a more attractive activity for present and future generations of coffee farmers. The strategy has accelerated and expanded the work we had been doing for decades to ensure a long-term supply of quality green coffee and chicory.


Responsible sourcing is improving the environmental footprint of both coffee farming and our own operations. From the farm to your freshly brewed cup of NESCAFÉ RICOFFY, even the chicory and sugar that we use is sourced responsibly. We continue to collaborate with expert partners and agricultural suppliers to fully understand the challenges on the ground, where changes can drive transformation, transparency and full traceability. When it comes to responsible sourcing, there are no half measures here. We thank our loyal customers for supporting our efforts to contribute to a more sustainable world. From bean to cup, there’s shared pride in every step of the process.

NESCAFÉ RICOFFY – sharing moments that stir pride.


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