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As a companion to the October 2020 edition, a smart report on the private equity industry in Africa marks its debut. Everything you need to know about Africa’s private equity asset class is in this Special Edition, which is a 28-page industry report focusing on the continent. It showcases the big personalities, the funds, deals, and exits that made headlines in 2019 and how last year marked a turning point for the industry in Africa.

The report includes features on fund and portfolio companies and the challenges raising capital in a post-COVID Africa, also the role of development finance institutions in powering change. Besides an industry overview from both the African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCA) and Southern African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SAVCA), there is analysis and commentary on private equity returns over the last decade in Africa from some of the top industry experts. From funding female-led investments to the growth of fintech and pharma, and the top trends governing decisions going forward, this is a handy guide for all those keen to read more about the state of this niche but powerful space. The report leads with an insightful story on the growth of Verod Capital, and the entrepreneurs behind them, Danladi Verheijen and Eric Idiahi, who believe in transformative investments that power Africa’s growth. Read on for more interesting anecdotes on the history of the private equity space in Africa.

Most Active PE firms in Africa

Courtesy: Asoko Insight

PE Exits across Africa

Courtesy: Asoko Insight