FOCUS ON EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Reaching Beyond The Horizon: A focus on Equatorial Guinea

Published 5 years ago

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“We are focused on forming our citizens so they can activate their strengths in any part of the world. Having public servants in international organisations and competing with other countries, that is the wealth of a nation. We have to go beyond borders and show others the abilities that we have.” President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo


On 12 October 2018, Equatorial Guinea celebrates its Golden Jubilee since independence; this will provide the nation with the occasion to catch its breath and look back at the incredible milestones achieved during its rapid journey towards modernisation and in becoming a reference point for Africa. Nestled into the western corner of the continent, with a rich bio-diverse tropical mainland and several important fertile volcanic islands, Equatorial Guinea’s economic development picked up speed upon the discovery of oil in 1995. However, it is the peace and political stability that has since ensured that has really distinguished the country. Visionary and long-term President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo claims: “As president, I have seriously defended peace, Equatoguineans live harmoniously. In Equatorial Guinea there is no ethnic crisis or discrimination. I think that peace will allow the nation to have an inheritance, a fortune that can secure a promising future for subsequent generations; that is my dream.” It is upon the strength of this vision that the country travels safely forward towards self-sufficiency and economic sustainability.

LNG Megahub

Equatorial Guinea is the richest country per capita income on the African continent, and third largest oil exporter. Crude oil and LNG exports account for 80% of the government’s revenues and 95% of export income. Recently Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Hon. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, announced government plans to construct a natural gas megahub operating from Punta Europa LNG Terminal on Bioko Island by 2020. The project involves interlinking production, processing and tying-in facilities on- and off shore with the collaboration of local oil and gas companies in the area, and will secure the nation’s role as significant player in global LNG exports. “Mother Nature has provided us with the fortune of having found oil, but what has caused great change and transformation in Equatorial Guinea is not oil but the high political will within the senior management of the state,” declares Prime Minister Francisco Pascual Obama Asue.


Horizonte 2020

The national economic strategy Horizonte 2020 has been responsible for transforming the nation while improving productivity and accelerating economic growth. The plan is divided into two phases; the first phase consisted of building up excellent infrastructure models such as seaports, airports, the new administrative capital Oyala, roadways, buildings while ensuring that everyone is on the electrical grid. The second phase, currently underway, focuses on diversifying the economy by targeting sectors such as fisheries, agriculture, tourism and finance, as well as reinforcing human capital and advancing technological progress.

Equatorial Guinea also continues to successfully work hard at establishing a trustworthy and solid international presence. President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo states: “The new government of Equatorial Guinea occupies relevant positions as a member of the OPEC, non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations and member of the Executive Council of UNESCO. We also collaborate with a number of countries.” The nation will be celebrating its Golden Jubilee in triumph, having drastically improved quality of life for Equatoguineans and set it up for another fifty years exhaustive with possibilities. “For some time now I have observed a small star from the terrace of my house,” relates Minister of Finance, Economy and Planning, Hon. Lucas Abaga Nchama. “Every day I get the feeling that it is closer to me and it shines. Equatorial Guinea is like that star and will be the star that shines in the Gulf of Central Africa because we are laying down the foundations for true growth and development.”



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