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The game changing Galaxy Note9 is available now!



The Galaxy Note9, Samsung’s latest smartphone innovation anticipated that our time is precious, and we never have enough of it. That’s why it was designed to keep up with you and make the most of every minute. We’re a generation that relies on our smartphones, more than any before us, and this means battery life, performance and enough space is vitally important. The Galaxy Note9 delivers on all of these and so much more.

What’s new?

A remote Bluetooth S Pen, superior performance, AI camera and Samsung Pay are some of the reasons that the Galaxy Note9 has changed the game.

S Pen

Taking selfies is a phenomenon that isn’t likely to disappear any time soon and the new remote Bluetooth S Pen makes taking them so much easier. From taking selfies to boardroom presentations, it’s an amazing evolution of the S Pen that gives you the freedom to create, share and control the content on your phone, on screen or from a distance day or night, thanks to its low light camera. What’s more, you can also sketch, design, and bring your ideas to life with the S Pen’s sensitivity, responsiveness, and control, even when the screen is off, with off-screen memo.


Take pics day or night with perfect clarity thanks to the camera’s low light function, with a lens that adapts like the human eye. The AI function of the Galaxy Note9 camera also makes sure when your friends blink, or something’s blurry, you’re notified by of flaw detection, so you can adjust and reshoot. Clever!

We’ve used our smartphones to make memories forever, but a lack of storage space meant that you would have to choose which to treasure and which to delete. Not anymore. If you’re a serial snapper you have A LOT of photos that mean something to you, and with the Galaxy Note9 you don’t have to delete them because it comes standard with 512 MB internal memory! Happy snapping!


We live life at lightning speed and this means you need a smartphone that can keep up. From the 4000mAh all day battery to the 10nm processor with impressive 8GB RAM, the Galaxy Note9 will keep up with your pace and the innovative water-carbon cooling system keeps you and the Galaxy Note9 cool under pressure.

Samsung Pay

You might forget your wallet but you’re not likely to forget your phone, and that’s where Samsung Pay comes in handy. It’s simple, secure and available anywhere* you swipe or tap your credit or debit cards. Easy as 1…2…3.

All in all the game changing Galaxy Note9 has all the features to help you do bigger things with features that will make your daily life even more amazing!

* 97% acceptance rate based on local trials. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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