Chinese Billionaire Held Hostage With Explosives As Son Swims Across Lake To Raise The Alarm

Published 4 years ago

Chinese billionaire He Xiangjian survived an abduction plot this weekend after kidnappers carrying explosives forced entry into his home at Guangdong province.

He Xiangjian, one of the richest men in China with an estimated net worth of $24.8 billion, was rescued on Sunday after his son, 55-year-old He Jianfeng, sneaked out of the family home and swum across a river to raise the alarm, according to local news.

According to a statement posted on Weibo, a Chinese equivalent to Twitter, police responded on Sunday night to a break-in at an 18-hole golf course and sports center owned by He Xiangjian’s Midea Group.


Although police have not named He Xiangjian in their statement, a spokesperson for the local Foshan Public Security Bureau wrote on Weibo, “The victim is safe!” with the police statement attached. Midea Group confirmed the incident on Weibo, and thanked the “media and all sectors of society for their concern.” 

Who is He Xiangjian?

Entrepreneur He Xiangjian is the founder of home appliance giant Midea Group, which took shape in 1968 after He led a group of 23  residents from Guangdong Province to form a lid production workshop.

Today Midea Group trades on the Shenzhen stock exchange and has more than 200 subsidiaries, including Germany-based robotics firm Kuka. Xiangjian stepped down from its operations in 2012. His son He Jianfeng is now a director of Midea Group and Midea Real Estate Holding.

In January, Midea Group donated products like air conditioners, water heaters and washers and dryers to Wuhan hospitals battling coronavirus.


He Xiangjian is currently the 7th richest billionaire in China, according to Forbes’ Real Time Rankings.

David Dawkins, Forbes Staff, Billionaires