The African Spin

Published 5 years ago

September is celebrated as ‘heritage month’ in South Africa honoring history, tradition and culture through food, music, art and fashion.

Here, we deep-dive into the colorful world of African fabric and print, showcasing Aurelie Tshimbombo, born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and now based in Johannesburg as one of the city’s many entrepreneurs promoting African print.

“I fell in love with fabric, I fell in love with how clothes make a woman feel,” says Tshimbombo.


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“Women feel empowered, they feel prettier, they feel braver, and they feel more unique if they wearing something that brings out the confidence in them. I found that whole process intriguing.”

Almost a decade ago, Tshimbombo’s epiphany was when she started making clothes for herself but couldn’t find anything in the market that reflected who she was.

“I am a short, curvy African woman,” she says.


Her label’s name is Afrinique Chic, which she says is a luxury lifestyle fashion brand for Africans and the rest of the world.