Africa On A Bib

Published 7 years ago

A mother’s love for dressing her two-year-old daughter, Atlegang, in unique African clothing, inspired her to start a business.

Shweshwe Baby Couture is a clothing label offering vibrant outfits for infant boys and girls.

Gugulethu Kgongoane, a former digital and marketing coordinator for various magazines in South Africa, launched the brand with an online collection 14 months after the birth of her first child.


The 27-year-old realized she didn’t fit into the 9AM to 5PM work routine, so was even more determined to launch her business.

“When I started, I had about $221 start-up capital in hand and made a conscious decision to re-invest the money I got back [from her previous job] into the business. Our vision is to create a global fashion brand that will inspire the confidence, creativity and self-belief of children growing up and living in diverse, global cultures,” says Kgongoane.

The budding entrepreneur admits success for her means being able to wake up and go to bed feeling fulfilled, challenged and inspired.

“I admire a businesswoman who has faith and understands that while life can be hard at the best of times, faith is the knowledge that things will get better.


“It’s about taking the next step when you can’t see the entire staircase,” says Kgongoane.

The Shweshwe collection includes the Atli Dress named after her daughter and the versatile peplum set that can be worn with other items.

Kgongoane will prioritize innovation, and Shweshwe Baby Couture will be known for playing a role in the progression of kids’ wear.

Innovation certainly came in handy for Kgongoane when she decided to turn the simple activity of dressing up a toddler into a full-time business.