A Spotlight on Maritime Innovation

Published 10 days ago
Nicolas Escalin, General Manager of ZMT2
Nicolas Escalin, General Manager of ZMT

Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal is enhancing port efficiency, fostering economic growth, and facilitating trade expansion.

Nicolas Escalin, the General Manager of Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal (ZMT), embodies a wealth of experience and dedication to fostering maritime excellence. With a journey that spans various continents and roles within the industry, Escalin’s leadership at Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal marks a significant chapter in his career.

“Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal operates under an agreement with Zanzibar Port Cooperation, taking charge of port operations since September 18, 2023,” Escalin says. The company’s primary focus is on enhancing productivity, maintaining infrastructure, and modernizing operations. It handles a diverse range of activities, including container, breakbulk, conventional vessels, local vessels, and the traditional sailing vessel, Dhow, which links the mainland to Zanzibar.


Escalin emphasizes the company’s commitment to continuous improvement rather than listing achievements. “Our focus remains on continuous improvement,” he says. “For instance, we’ve upgraded from one part-time mobile harbor crane to two fully operational ones, facilitating round-the-clock operations.” Rigorous training programs ensure skilled personnel manage operations efficiently, while revamped yard operations optimize ship handling and organizational processes. These efforts have led to increased vessel turnaround, signifying progress. A key milestone is the development of an Inland Container Depot (ICD), enhancing import container handling an unstuffing capacity.

As a vital gateway, the Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal plays a crucial role in stimulating the economy of Tanzania. “By improving port efficiency, we reduce waiting times and associated costs, facilitating business activities,” Escalin says. Efficient operations promote trade, benefiting sectors like agriculture and construction.

Looking ahead, Escalin envisions Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal at the forefront of Africa’s transformation. “We aim to empower our workforce, enhance port infrastructure, and uphold service quality to attract shipping lines,” he says. The organization strives to be a light of improvement in the region by cultivating local talent and encouraging international collaboration. Zanzibar’s government has ambitious port infrastructure development plans, and the Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal hopes to be a key component of this journey.