The FORBES brand has for 100 years focused on how the wealthy have made their money and how they spend it. Through its various lists, FORBES has become synonymous with wealth. FORBES AFRICA has in a short period of time become the most widely read monthly among the affluent in Africa, reaching 163,000 influential readers across the continent. In 2017, FORBES AFRICA launched its online product on reaching newer audiences in the digital space, allowing us to speak to both the inspirational and the aspirational.

FORBES AFRICA has for six consecutive quarters, retained its first place position in the ‘Business and News’ category for the Audited Bureau of Circulations of South Africa’s Q3-2017 period with an average circulation of 19 799.

FORBES AFRICA has also come out ahead of its competitors in The IPSOS Affluent Africa Survey 2016. The independent research study released August 4, 2016, indicates that FORBES AFRICA reaches 163,000 or 4.7% of the 3.4 million qualifying adults, aged between 25 and 64, across seven markets and that comprise the African affluent. FORBES AFRICA has kept this spot since the 2014 survey.

Audit Bureau of Circulations (South Africa, Circulation)

IPSOS EMS Affluent Africa

The Affluent Survey Africa is the currency for tracking media, prosperity and influence across approximately the top 15% of adults in 7 markets in Africa. Since its first release in 2010, the survey is constantly evolving to meet the needs of international and regional media, media specialists and advertisers who depend on the results to place advertising. 7 Markets: Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Morocco, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda

IPSOS Africa Affluent Monthly reach: Forbes Africa reach: 4.7%, National Geographic Magazine reach: 4.2% monthly, African Business reach: 3.2% monthly, NewsAfrica reach: 2.8% monthly, Harvard Business Review reach: 2.6% monthly, The Africa Report reach: 2.5% monthly, Bloomberg Markets reach: 2.2% monthly, New African reach: 1.1% monthly, Le Magazine de l’Afrique reach: 0.6% monthly.

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